What is the routing/transit number?


Why am I being charged $4.95 for my checking account?

The $4.95 fee allows you to have many benefits including comprehensive identity protection for you and your family, the ability to earn uChoose© Rewards points, and the ability to perform transactions fee free at any credit union within the Shared Branching network. You can also earn a $2.00 refund each month if you’re signed up for eStatements, do 12 debit card transactions each month, and have an electronic deposit or withdrawal from your checking account each month.

How do I un-enroll in eStatements?

You may cancel electronic statements and disclosures by logging in to Freedom Teller and clicking on the eStatements tab on the left side of the page. Once the eStatement page is open, click on the button underneath “If you wish to stop receiving e-statements please click here.” You’ll then have to read the disclosure and check mark the box to Accept the Terms.

How do I change my mobile banking password?

If you do not already have your mobile app set up, please stop in and have a member service representative assist you. They will help you create your first username and password. For security reasons, we do not allow our mobile app to write to our core server in order to prevent hackers from obtaining your information. Give us a call at (406) 761-8300 and we would be happy to change your current password for you.

Why can’t I have the same password for my mobile banking as I do my online banking?

Our mobile app and our website each use a different software platform to communicate with our server. For security reasons, these passwords initially do not match to provide you with added protection. You are actually able to change it so both passwords match if you visit one of our branches and speak with a member service representative.

Can I send money to another shared branch using my online banking?

All shared branching transactions must be performed in person and are free of charge. However, when using online banking, 1st Liberty FCU’s online bill pay allows you to use the “transfer” feature to send funds to your own account at another financial institution by putting in your routing number and account number at your receiving institution. This transaction will usually process within 48 hours.

Since you changed your website I can't access my online banking with my user ID.

To reset your User ID and password, go to the Freedom Teller Login Link, enter your Member Number in the User ID field and click Login. Enter your email address (it must match the email address we have on file). When prompted for a password, use the last 6 digits of your social security number. You will then be prompted to select your security information and create a new password. Once inside the Freedom Teller, you'll be able to change your User ID if you wish.

Can I change my online banking user id and password?

Yes. Simply login to Freedom teller using your existing credentials and click on the Profile tab. To change your User ID, click Change User Alias, complete the information required and click Save. To change your password, click on the Change Password link, complete the information required and click Save.

My address is no longer current, how can I change it?

The easiest way to change your address will be to send us an Address Change Request through Freedom Teller online banking. Once you're logged into your account, click on the "Profile" tab, then "Change Address". Complete the required information, then click submit. Otherwise, all address change requests must be in writing and it's best to have the request notarized before sending it to us. Written requests can be mailed to PO Box 5002, Great Falls, MT 59403.

My email address is no longer correct, is there a place in Freedom Teller I can change it?

When you're logged into your account in Freedom Teller online banking, you can change your email address by clicking on the "Profile" tab, select "Change Email Address", fill in your new email address and click "Save".

How do I access my E-Statements?

When a new E-Statement is available for the previous month you will receive an email notification. Log in to Freedom Teller online banking and select e-Statements tab on the left hand side of the screen. We store up to 2 years of e-Statements for you. If you choose, you can save these statements as a PDF file to your computer or print them out as a hard copy for future reference.

What are the wiring instructions?

The only information you need to provide in order to receive an Incoming Wire into your account is the Routing/Transit Number (292977349) and your account number. Please keep in mind that your checking account number is not the same as your member number. If you have any questions about your checking vs. your member or savings account number, please contact us for clarification. We do not charge you a fee to receive a wire into your account.

What are the limits on my debit/atm card?

Normally, there is a limit of $2000 a day in POS (Point-of-Sale) transactions and $300 a day using an ATM machine. Individual cards may have different limits, so please feel free to contact the Credit Union if you have questions.

How do I get a copy of a cancelled check?

If you have Freedom Teller Online Banking, you can look at cancelled copies of checks for the past 90 days. Log in to your account; go to your checking account history, and any available check copies will be listed within the history as a hyperlink. A hyperlink is underlined and bright blue; however once you've viewed it the font color will change to purple. It is free to access your cancelled check copies via Freedom Teller.

If you don't have Freedom Teller Online Banking access or the check you need cleared more than 90 days ago, you can always contact us by phone, mail, fax or in-person to request a check copy. There is a $3 fee to get a photocopy of a cancelled check.

How much is the Stop Payment fee?

There is a $20 fee to place a Stop Payment on a check or a consecutive series of checks (i.e. a lost checkbook). There is also a $20 fee to place a stop payment on an ACH item; however we do require that you provide us with documentation that you've notified the company that you no longer want them charging your account for their product/service.

How much am I charged for an NSF item?

If you don't have funds in your account to cover a check or automatic (ACH) payment, you will be charged a $28 fee. If you are using a debit card, you may be charged a $28 fee or the charge may be denied depending whether or not you've opted in for courtesy pay.

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

If you are able to visit a branch office, please come in with the person you want added joint to your account. If there are already joint owners on your account, please ask them to join you also. New signature cards will need to be completed for each account and ALL owners need to sign. Make sure all owners bring with them current government-issued photo ID and all new joint owners also bring proof of residential address, such as a paystub or utility bill with their name and physical address.

If you are not able to visit a branch, please contact Member Services for other options.

How can I remove a joint owner from my account?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove a joint owner from your account, however, your joint owner can submit written request to be removed. If a joint owner isn't willing to relinquish their rights to your account, you may choose to close your account and open a new one. Your joint owner may also close the account.

Is 1st Liberty part of the Shared Branching Network?

Yes. 1st Liberty is part of Co-Op's Shared Branching Network. If you have an account with another credit union that is also part of Co-Op's Shared Branching Network, we can help you with basic teller transactions, such as depositing a check, withdrawing cash, or making a loan payment. Being part of the Shared Branching Network means that if a 1st Liberty member travels or relocates permanently to an area of the U.S. that isn't close to a 1st Liberty branch, they may be able to locate anther credit union in the network to do these same types of transactions on their 1st Liberty account. Co-Op's Shared Branching Network has more than 5,000 participating credit unions and branches and continues to grow. You can find participating credit unions by clicking on the Shared Branch Link on our home page.

Where do I go to download the 1st Liberty App on my phone?

You can find our free 1st Liberty FCU Mobile Banking App in either the App Store (Apple) or "Play Store" or "Google Play" if you have an Android Phone. Unfortunately our App is not available through Windows application phones, Kindles, Nooks, or other similar devices.

I received a check in the mail today for $2300 and I wasn't expecting it. How do I know if this is a "real" check?

Fraud is the largest growing category of crime and many times can involve a fraudulent paper check that can look and feel very real. Most 1st Liberty FCU employees are trained to detect this type of fraud and with a few easy questions help prevent you from losing money to this type of scam. Please contact the Credit Union if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you sell Money Orders?

Yes. We sell Money Orders to 1st Liberty members. The charge is $2/each.

Do you sell Traveler's Checks?

No, we no longer offer American Express Traveler's Checks. We heard from many members they were having a difficult time spending Traveler's Checks as they travelled, so we elected to discontinue selling them. Instead we offer VISA Gift Cards which are a VISA product that is very universally accepted. (Please be advised that we do not recommend that you use a VISA Gift Card to make lodging reservations, reserve or rent a vehicle, or fuel purchases, as these types of purchases can authorize, or "tie up" available funds for greater than anticipated.) The fee for a VISA Gift Card is $2.95 and each card can be loaded for $10-$1000.

Do you offer Cashier's Checks?

Yes. We issue Cashier's Checks for 1st Liberty members for a fee of $5 each.

I'm going to be travelling, do I need to let you know in advance so my debit/VISA card will work while I'm away from home?

Absolutely! We utilize a service called Falcon Neural Network to monitor activity on your Debit and Credit cards 24/7/365 looking for any type of unusual activity. If travelling out of state with your 1st Liberty Debit or VISA Credit card, please notify us in advance whenever possible. We can input your dates and states/countries of travel directly into the Falcon Neural Network so they don't flag your travel purchases as being "unusual". Additionally, when travelling 1st Liberty recommends you take at least 3 forms of payment with you and that you notify all card issuers of any card you plan to take with you.

Revised January 2018